Jurubena Bertiga International Partnership is a                        Bumiputra professional corporation that has evolved from the Jurubena Bertiga / Architect Team 3 partnership established in 1967. The original founding Directors, Dato’ (Dr.) Hj. Baharuddin Abu Kassim, Datuk Lim Chong Keat and Lim Chin See directed the firm with simple action-oriented approach that has resulted in three decades of acclaimed design achievement and the maintenance of the highest professional standards.
With the retirement of Datuk Lim Chong Keat and Lim Chin See, and with the addition of two young partners, Ahmad Farid Baharuddin and Chew Kok Fai, the firm has continued with the legacy of producing and completing a variety of projects encompassing almost every size and types of buildings ranging from office buildings for financial institutions and corporations to urban mixed-use developments, public buildings, mosques, educational buildings and housing developments.
Two other associates Chuck Yeoh and Lillian Ooi are both talented and have exercised their profession from a very personal way of understanding the architectural process. In this, their contributions towards design and management of projects have been very successful.
Jurubena Bertiga International Partnership believes in the principles of contemporary and progressive design but with the understanding of and respect for true heritage and traditional values.
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